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Marcus DeLoach, Baritone


Q:  Where are you from?

A:  My hometown is Andover, MA.  I moved to New York City when I began my studies at Juilliard and lived in the city for many years.  I then relocated to Houston, TX for work on my doctorate at Rice University, and now live in the fantastic city of Philadelphia, PA.


Q:  When did you start singing and what influenced your decision to pursue this career path?

A:  I began serious study during high school, where I performed in the school choirs and musicals.  The amazing music, my experiences on stage, and the encouragement of my private voice teacher Marie Stultz and high school music director Robert Lague, all coalesced to convince me I should pursue a degree in Vocal Performance.


Q:  Who was/is your musical muse?

A:  Ralph Vaughan Williams’ music has been the cornerstone of my musical journey since I first heard a recording of his Five Mystical Songs in high school.  I’m very proud to have edited the premiere edition of his composition Two Vocal Duets for Stainer & Bell.  Vocally, I have been inspired by many of the greats.  Some personal favorites include John Charles Thomas, Richard Tauber, George Thill, and John Shirley-Quirk.

"Marcus DeLoach's buoyant Figaro gave us a fun, rousing account of the jig-like number at the end of Act 1 declaring, 'I'm getting the spring back in my feet.' At that point, it was exactly what the audience needed."

~Opera News, Joshua Rosenblum


“Louche trombone notes introduce the character of Senator Joseph McCarthy, one of several roles sung by the glinting, muscular baritone Marcus DeLoach.”

~New York Times, Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim


"As Figaro Marcus DeLoach added a handsome clarity to the unbridled scurrying."

~Musical America Worldwide, Bruce Hodges

figaro - deloach
Dublin Dead Man_gallery

Q:  What has been your favorite role to sing so far?  What is your dream role?

A:  It’s hard to single out a favorite role, but I have identified strongly with English language operas and found great satisfaction playing the parts of Joseph DeRocher Dead Man Walking, Sen. Joseph McCarthy Fellow Travelers, Slim Mice and Men, and The Minister Breaking the Waves.  My dream roles include Don Giovanni, the Seven-fold baritone role in Death In Venice, and the title character in Man of La Mancha.


Q:  What’s the weirdest or funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during a performance?

A:  It seems rather a small thing, but I’ll never forget it. I had the role of a character in a play who was receiving letters all the time.  They were usually blank when I opened them, but one night one of them read “MARCUS YOUR FLY IS DOWN!"  It was the oldest trick in the book.  However, I wasn’t very old at the time and fell for it, spending the rest of the scene trying to come up with a clever way to check.

Q:  If you could, in real life, have dinner with one fictional character from an opera, who would it be and why?

A:  I think probably it would be Schaunard from La bohème, who I have enjoyed playing many times.  I pick him for two reasons: first, to see how accurate my characterization has been and, secondly, because I’m sure we’d have a great night of fun in the Latin Quarter eating and drinking.  Can you set that up for me?

* * We'll do our very best, Marcus 😉


Q:  What concert or opera have you just sung and what's coming up for you?

A:  I have had an exceptionally enjoyable fall singing Second Armored Man in Opera Philadelphia’s The Magic Flute, Barber’s Dover Beach with the American String Quartet, a workshop presentation of Greg Spears’ and Christopher Williams’ dance opera Wolf-In-Skins, and Messiah with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.  I’m currently looking forward to reprising my role of Senator Joseph McCarthy in Spears’ Fellow Travelers for its premieres at PROTOTYPE and Chicago Lyric Opera, and also to singing Sam in Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti at Boston Lyric Opera.

Seattle La Boheme_gallery
fellow travelers

“... the sneering Minister (the aptly chilling Marcus DeLoach).”

~Opera News, David Shengold


"Lenormand ... and veteran baritone DeLoach both elevated the music to its full sonorous potential."

~Parterrebox, Joel Rosen


“Marcus DeLoach was cold and weighty as the Minister.”

~Wall Street Journal, Heidi Waleson

Q:  What do you imagine life looks like after you step away from singing full-time?

A:  While I’m not planning to quit singing anytime soon, my plan is to focus even more on teaching and composing.


Q:  What indispensable piece(s) of advice have you received that helped you along your musical journey, something to share with today's young and aspiring opera singers?

A:  I have found a lot of truth in the following statements and ideas (loosely quoted):

"You get what you focus on." ~ Robert Colt
"Things either 'rock' or they don’t." ~ Trans-Siberian Orchestra
"If you can’t explain how you built something in detail, then you don’t really know your stuff." ~ Richard Miller
"It’s easier for civilized men to act as barbarians than it is for barbarians to act as civilized men." ~ Mr. Spock


Q:  Any resolutions for 2018?

A:  Yes, I have them ready.  Sideline Facebook, speak less, read more, and write more.


Insignia Artists' Featured Artist: Marcus DeLoach